Product Master

Create / Manage unlimited Products/ Services under Ethicfin.

Categorise your products with Category & Sub Category

Manage Product Code

Product vise tax option

Enter MRP & Selling Price Seperately

Detailed order / sales summary of each product / service


Stock Management

Manage the stock of your entire products.

View the IN/OUT summary of whole products

View the current stock & stock value of each product

View the detailed stock report of each product

Date wise filtering option on detailed report


Sales & Invoicing

Manage your complete customers, orders, sales and invoicing in a single app. Customise the invoice as per your industry.

Create / Manage customers with credit period and credit amount

Sales & transaction history of each customer

Create / Manage invoices with easy steps and print invoice with QR Code

Customised discount and taxation option while creating invoice

Decide whether update payment / stock while creating invoice

Create / Manage Proforma Invoice, sales orders, sales return and delivery note

Create / Manage Sales Quotations and track the same

Convert Sales Quotation to Sales Order or Sales Invoice in a single click

Receive partial / full payments


Vendor & Purchase Management

You can manage your entire vendors and purchases through Ethicfin.

Create / Manage Vendors

View the list of orders, invoices, payments and transaction history of each vendor

Create / Manage Purchase Order

Create / Manage Purchase Return

Manage Purchase invoice and vendor payments


Financial Management Tools

Efficiently oversee your finances with our suite of tools, from organizing accounts to detailed transaction records, making financial management a breeze..

Chart of Accounts & Ledgers: Organize and track your financial categories.

Receipts Creation and Management: Easily generate and oversee income records.

Payments Creation and Management: Effortlessly handle your outward payments.

Journals: Maintain detailed transaction records for accuracy.

Contra List: Manage fund transfers between internal accounts efficiently.

Date-based Filtering: Filter and view data by specific dates.

Keyword-based Search: Quickly find information using keywords.


HR & Payroll Solutions

Simplify HR tasks and payroll management with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Employee Management: Easily handle your workforce, from onboarding to payroll.

Payroll Statements: Generate salary slips and detailed payroll statements for your employees.

Staff Payments: Efficiently manage employee payments & compensation records.

Payment Classification: Categorize payments for better financial organization.

Organizational Departments: Organize your organization into functional units or teams.


Indirect Income & Expenses

Categorize other your income and expenses, record transactions, and ensure organized financial tracking.

Income Category: Categorize your other income sources for effective financial tracking.

Income Vouchers: Record and manage income transactions with ease.

Expense Category: Organize your indirect expenditures into defined categories.

Expense Vouchers: Efficiently document and manage your expenses.


Cheque Management Solutions

Simplify and track all your inward and outward cheque management process with our suite of tools.

Record Cheque Information: Seamlessly input and store comprehensive information about each cheque, including cheque number, issuer, payee, amount, and purpose.

Inward and Outward Cheque Tracking: Monitor the flow of cheques, keeping tabs on both cheques received from others (inward) and cheques issued by your organization (outward).

Due Date Notifications for Cheques: Receive timely reminders and notifications for upcoming cheque due dates, ensuring you never miss an important payment.

Cheque Clearance Status Updates: Easily update the status of cheque clearance, whether they are pending, cleared, or bounced, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.


Financial Reports and Analysing

From daily summaries to in-depth analyses, this suite provides a robust platform for understanding and managing your financial data effectively.

Daily Report: Stay updated with a concise daily financial snapshot of Sales, Purchases, Pay IN and Pay OUT.

Aging Report: Track overdue accounts and manage financial health.

Customer Performance Report: Evaluate individual customer transactions and interactions.

Vendor Performance Report: Monitor supplier engagements and transactions.

Invoice Details Report: Review comprehensive invoice information along with alert of exceeding due date.

Product Sales Analysis: Analyze product performance and sales trends.

Taxation Overview Report: Automatic generation of Tax Report based on your transactions. Generate the report for your required date range.

Trial Balance Statement: Ensure accounting accuracy and balance.

Profit and Loss Statement (P&L): Evaluate income, expenses, and overall financial performance.

Balance Sheet: Get a snapshot of your financial standing and


Unlimited User Access

With unlimited user access, you can empower your team with seamless access to our platform.

Create unlimited staff accounts as you wish. No extra cost.

Let your team members manage their account from anywhere in the world

Setup admin roles for each staff separately using our multi-dynamic RBAC system.